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Shoe blogger Leslie Myers got a big surprise at a professional conference

Letting my shoe freak flag fly

I have a confession to make: I have a real job. If you have visions of me as this edgy fashionista jetting all over the country as a shoe blogger, well….. a snapshot of me in a cube farm sporting a company ID badge and a conference call headset is probably more accurate. But one…

NiK Kacy bio photo Kickstarter shoe followup

NiK Kacy Kickstarter shoe unboxing

I’m a mother. I have three wonderful “kiddults” at home right now, although the oldest is perched on the edge of the nest. Based on 23 years’ worth of parenting experience, I think one of the hardest lessons to teach is the concept of delayed gratification. And I empathize with the difficulty of learning it….

At work on my shoe blog

From cube farm to shoe blog: 3 lessons learned

Usually, I write about shoes. But today, I write about writing. I started this shoe blog in February 2015. Here are three lessons I’ve learned in my six months as a blogger. Creativity is a renewable resource I’ve written countless items in my 15 years in corporate communications, including a hip hop song and a viral video that garnered two…

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