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Shoe blogger Leslie Myers got a big surprise at a professional conference

Letting my shoe freak flag fly

I have a confession to make: I have a real job. If you have visions of me as this edgy fashionista jetting all over the country as a shoe blogger, well….. a snapshot of me in a cube farm sporting a company ID badge and a conference call headset is probably more accurate. But one…

Shoes as sensory experience, reason four I love mens shoes

Shoes as sensory experience

This post is part four in a series of why I love men’s shoes. Sensory experience is the fourth reason I love men’s shoes, and it’s definitely the hardest to write about (and illustrate). So what exactly do I mean by the sensory experience of men’s shoes? Exactly what you might think: look, feel, sound,…

Trying on Johnston & Murphy womens shoes in Atlanta airport

(What’s wrong with) Johnston & Murphy womens shoes

Frequently, when I mention that I like menswear-style shoes, someone will suggest that I try Johnston & Murphy womens shoes. After all, each fall, J&M does indeed make a few ladies’ styles with a distinct masculine vibe. This season, for example, they have a double monkstrap and a wingtip in addition to their more traditional…

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