Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the purpose of this website?

    A revolution. We need a better selection of women’s shoes for the professional environment.


  • How will this website influence manufacturers?

    If enough women say they want a given style of shoe, manufacturers have no choice but to listen.


  • One popular e-commerce site offers more than 28,000 different styles of women’s shoes. Are you saying we need more?

    Yes. Women need options for work that are not too sexy, too girly, or frumpy.


  • What does your ideal women’s business shoe look like?

    My ideal business shoe looks a lot like a man’s business shoe: I love classic styles like the wingtip, blucher or cap toe oxford, the monkstrap, and the derby. These are practical, beautiful classics that look good on men and women alike. Some wouldn’t be appropriate for skirts or dresses, but I’m usually wearing slacks or suits to work, so who cares?


  • What’s so great about menswear-inspired shoes?

    Everything. Women’s shoes are held on by pressure on the toes and around the heel; the shoes stay on because they’re smaller than your feet. In contrast, men’s shoes are held on with laces or buckles, which means the wearer can customize the fit simply by tightening or loosening as desired. Also, most men’s shoes are meant to be worn with socks, which fill in any gaps and decreases the likelihood of blisters.


  • Do you sell shoes on this site?

    Not at this time. In the future, if manufacturers want to advertise classic, menswear-inspired shoes in this space, I would be open to it.


  • What’s your philosophy of fashion?

    Less is more. Fifty years ago, women were happy if their shoes matched their handbag. Today, we try to coordinate the bag, the shoes, nails, lips, belt, scarf, and jewelry. Yet we still earn 78 cents for every dollar that men earn. Women could rock the boardroom, but first we’ve got to get out of the bathroom.

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