Summer shoes: Da agony of da feet

I abhor Easter.

I have nothing against Jesus, crosses, bunnies, chicks, jellybeans or marshmallow peeps. I love all those things and respect the place they have in our hearts, and hips.

I hate Easter simply because that holy day officially ushers in my most unholy fashion dilemma, my Golgotha of glamor: Summer Shoes.

In the winter, when I’m wearing primarily wool slacks, I sport the kind of shoes I adore: sturdy, powerful shoes like my beloved Allen Edmonds captoe oxfords and my AGL Chelsea boots. On casual Fridays, I rock my Frye womens wingtips. All of those shoes are comfortable and their closed toes and closed heels means that my tootsies are padded and protected by socks. My feet loooooove winter.

Mind the gap(s)

Mind the gap(s)

But in the summer, the wool slacks go into storage with some nice cedar chips, and out come the sleeveless dresses, flippy skirts and linen slacks. And therein lies my problem: It is next to impossible to find sane, comfortable shoes to go with a lighter, more feminine summer wardrobe. I recently ordered ten pairs of shoes from Zappos, and all ten went back.

Pumps, loafers and ballet flats. Yuck.

The closed-toe, closed heel options for women’s summer shoes are pumps, loafers and ballet flats. Unfortunately, as I’ve already written, I don’t like any of those options, but even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to keep them on my feet because extremely narrow heels are my personal cross to bear.

Sandals, wedges and mules: Yikes!

Falling off my foot

Falling off my foot

What are we left with? Sandals, wedges and mules, oh my! MY FEET FEEL NAKED in these shoes, and even though I am slender, physically fit and 40-ish (and by “ish” I mean still in my 40s, barely), I’m afraid I’m going to fall whenever I wear them. There’s just so much that can go wrong when your shoe is only very loosely attached to your foot. Heels slide out, toes get stubbed and ankles turn. Every woman I talk to has a story about an injury, tumble, or embarrassing near-miss caused solely by her footwear. Pun intended.

Can we take a cue from the men, please?



In the summertime, men’s shoes get a little lighter and brighter – lots of dove gray, ecru, tan and olive – but the basic business choices remain the same: wingtips, derbies, captoes, and monkstraps. Men’s shoes look great and are still firmly attached to the wearer. What I would give to find these shoes easily!

For now, I will simply suffer in silence (ha! I’ll complain to anyone who will listen) and eagnerly anticipate fall. Meanwhile, if you’ve got a favorite summer shoe, do share!

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  1. April 6, 2015 @ 1:43 am Beverly Brown

    Agree 10x. I dread putting away my boots!


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