The Office of Angela Scott: Defining Heritage Punk


The Office of Angela Scott Mr Colin

Mr Colin, in Sand Dune

It breaks every single rule of journalism to start a story by declaring one’s admiration for the subject. But this isn’t journalism; it’s blogging. So I am ignoring my training as a reporter  and instead, simply putting my feelings out there, unvarnished and unashamed.

The Office of Angela Scott

And I am loving The Office of Angela Scott. The brand name is a mouthful, but it’s appropriate. Designer Angela Marie Scott makes shoes that are substantial, business-y, important looking. She began her women’s line in 2011 and her men’s in 2013. She manufactures in Portugal, and sells online and through a few bricks and mortar stockists in the US and abroad. She creates modern classics by combining old-world craftsmanship with fresh, unexpected designs.

What I like

1. Flawless construction

If a man spends $500 on a pair of shoes, he has an excellent pair of Goodyear-welted shoes that will last for years. If a woman spends $500, chances are she has a pair of uncomfortable, inflexible designer heels she can wear a season or two. The Office of Angela Scott shoes are pricey, but they are built to last. Comfort and durability meets sexy and stylish, and yes, they’re Goodyear-welted.

Miss Penny Office of Angela Scott

Miss Penny, in Citrus

2. Closed-toe, closed heel

Even the spring/summer shoes leave the foot completely covered. Thank you, Jesus, my secret of being the only 40-something woman in the Northern hemisphere who does NOT have a pedicure is safe. And the heel height itself is sane: With only a couple of exceptions, her shoes have a broad, 25mm (slightly less than 1”) heel. No stilettos here.

3. Fun, fashionable styles

The website describes the brand ethos as “heritage punk.” All I can say is these shoes ROCK. Traditional monkstrap, loafer, and oxford styles in eye-catching colors and patterns, with enough neutrals to keep corporate drones like me happy.

Sole complaint

The Office of Angela Scott Mr Hefner

Mr Hefner, in Penguin

My one complaint is that The Office of Angela Scott shoes are available only in medium width. When I tried on Mr. Colin recently, a double monkstrap beauty, it was extremely comfortable but my foot swam in it. There’s nothing wrong with the sizing; I simply have freakishly narrow feet. Sigh. I love them, but, for now, I can’t actually wear them.

But I will look on the bright side. One day, perhaps, I’ll be able to buy The Office of Angela Scott in narrow. Meanwhile, I have an excuse to continue my quest to find beautiful, comfortable, professional shoes.

Note: I was neither offered nor accepted any compensation, financial or otherwise, for this review.

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