Why I love mens shoes

Comfort (like dating) is all about the fit

This post is Part 2 in a series of why I love mens shoes.

Reason 2 I love mens shoes: Comfort

Men place a premium on comfort, and not just in the shoe department. I learned this when I was couch-shopping with my first husband. I was shopping with my eyes; Jim was shopping with his buttocks. If I said I liked something, he promptly sat on it. I must admit, we did end up with a comfy couch. (I think he still has it.)

With shoes, even fashionable men – and there are plenty of them – insist on comfort. Most women, on the other hand, prioritize style. We consider the articles of clothing in our closet the shoes will go with. Do we have a bag that will work? Is there excessive toe cleavage? Is a pedicure required? Which slacks: Ankle, capri, or full-length? love mens shoes because they're comfortable

All of this is before we even try them on. I think the reason why women end up with uncomfortable shoes is because we invest so much time considering what we need visually to carry an outfit. The last thing we want is to start the process over, so if we find a style that works, we settle when it comes to fit. The more I think about it, shoe shopping is a lot like dating! And, like any relationship (love you, Phil!), your level of comfort depends on the fit.

Pressure versus shoelaces

So what determines fit? When a man looks down at his shoes, he sees leather (or whatever material his shoes are made of). When a woman looks down, she sees flesh. Almost all women’s dress shoes expose the top of the foot and cover only portions of the toes, sides and heels. For the most part, women’s shoes are held on by pressure, and the parts touching your foot must exert a lot of it to keep the shoe on your foot. Not enough pressure, and we waddle like toddlers because we’re trying to keep our freakin’ shoes from falling off. Too much, and well, you know how THAT feels. Men’s shoes are more comfortable because that top portion of the shoe (the “upper” if you want the technical term) distributes the pressure over a wider area.

The joy of socks

Men’s comfort also gets an assist from an additional, lovely little layer of goodness: the sock. They cushion and absorb, sure, but they’re also a great way to express individual flair. Smartwool is my go-to brand, and they have styles that are playful yet professional. Think of them as accent pillows for your feet.

Comfort and simplicity are what make me love mens shoes the most. When I put my captoes or wingtips on in the morning, I am done. No foldable slippers in my purse (Ewww!) or under my desk; no changing into heels for an important meeting. (You know who you are.) In fact, I don’t even think about my feet again until I put on my sneakers for my nightly walk. With my wonderful second hubby, who’s a perfect fit for me.

love mens shoes because of comfort

Happy 10th anniversary, partner.

p.s. Please excuse the lack of apostrophes. I know better, but must sacrifice them to appease the search engine optimization gods.

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