Why I love men's shoes, an introduction

Why I love men’s shoes, a series

When I tell people why I started this blog, the next logical question is why I like men’s shoes in the first place. I have short hair, out of convenience, but I’m clearly feminine. I don’t have a single article of “boyfriend” clothing in my closet. From the ankles up, I enjoy being a girl.

So why all the wingtips, oxfords, captoes, and monkstraps?

I realized mid-way through my explanation that I had waaaaay too much material for a single post. (Yes, I love men’s shoes THAT much.) So, I am going write a series. The five main reasons I appreciate them are below, and I’ll come back to this initial post and hyperlink each reason as I post it.

The five reasons I love men’s shoes:

  1. Style
  2. Comfort
  3. Safety
  4. Sensory experience
  5. Image

I’m a little worried that number 4 might be misconstrued. Rest assured, I have a shoe obsession, not a shoe fetish. By “sensory experience,” I mean that I enjoy the smell of good leather shoes and the sound they make when I walk. I love my shoes, but I don’t luuuuuuuv my shoes. They’re only in my bedroom because that’s where my closet is.

I’d love your feedback on the series. Whether you’re male or female, whether you hate your shoes or love them, please feel free to comment!

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