This post is about shopping (and not for shoes)

I hate to shop.

Is that a horrible thing for a shoe blogger to say? I fear it is, but it’s true. On a beautiful day, I don’t care what I need – an outfit for tea with the Queen, shoes for a wedding, matching bra and panties for a fourth date, whatever – you’re still more likely to see the Northern Lights in Florida than me in the mall.

However, on a cold, rainy day shortly after Christmas, with several days of freedom left and a number of holes in my wardrobe…I thought, well, what the heck. Off to the mall I went. Bah humbug.

I shop like a man. “Today I need tops.” If I like it, I buy it. I don’t look for sales: I am all about getting in, getting out and moving on.

I decided to hit Dillard’s first, because I like their Antonio Melani brand. I bought this sweater, which looked quite smart on me, if I do say so myself. It was $129 dollars, a bit pricey for a sweater in early January, but oh well. In, out, move on.

When I got home, I started to cut the tags off, and realized that the sweater wasn’t cashmere. In fact, it was only 30% wool (cashmere? merino? mammoth?), and 70% acrylic. Once I realized that I had just paid $130 dollars for an acrylic sweater, I felt, well, sheepish.

To be clear, the salesperson had never implied it was a cashmere sweater, and I certainly could have read the tag earlier. But in any case, an acrylic sweater is simply not worth $130, I don’t care whose label is on it.

Back to the store I went. I slowed down. I took the time to peruse the crowded sale racks. On one of them, I found a gorgeous sleeveless, textured black and tan cowlneck sweater. The salesperson suggested I try a sheer black long-sleeve tee underneath it. I did, and it rocked. (I’m headless in the photo because, hey, it’s the weekend and I’m not wearing makeup.) Total damage for sweater and tee: $90.

If you’re still reading, please understand that my point isn’t that I got two things for less than what I had originally paid for one. My point is that for me, shopping is about calculating what I think is a reasonable price for an item given how long I’ll have it and how much I’ll use it. And sticking to it.


p.s. Thanks to my hubby Phil for snapping the photo.

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